Shakti Marie

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It was my first time and it was on Christmas Eve of 2003. I took two small “hits” of the Salvia, and it was pretty instantaneous.

The first hit was this experience: I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes. Immediately I felt as though I was looking at a vortex of many colors blending in 3-D proportion. Then I was “transported” to a large field of dry earth, massive trees in the distance and hot sun caressing my already dark skin. I looked around me and saw about six others with me, children it seemed, but I was the older of the group. I was a young African girl. I could see the clothing I was wearing, which was a dress of a sage color. The “necklace” I had around my neck was very wide and multi-colored. I felt it was important to me. I also had a long stick in my hand, like a staff, and I saw a cow that I was herding in the field. It felt as though I was teaching the young ones with me how to herd cattle. I recall thinking that this animal was sacred to us and “realizing” that this is why I find it difficult to eat meat in this lifetime. I “saw” this all coming from the left side of “me,” but with an awareness that there was a teacher or guide of sorts to my right.
        Then I remember looking down at my bare feet and slowly looking up at my body. I again saw bare feet but I was now wearing a robe of a Buddhist Monk. I was male in this lifetime. I knew that I was sweeping the front area of a temple. Then I was swishing the front of my robe as if to brush off dust from it.
        After a few seconds, I felt as though I was being tugged and pulled from somewhere where I felt safe, and before I knew it, I was back in my body and was laying on my bed. I looked at the clock and realized that only ten minutes had passed.

I wanted to go back into the experience, and so took another hit of Salvia. I was instantly transported to a wooded area where there was a fire and a circle of dancing taking place. I saw myself as two people who were both dancing around the fire. After looking down at my feet I once again saw the African girl, but also saw a Native male dancer who was also “me.” I could feel myself maneuvering every step, whether the African girl or the Native male dancer. I could see the clothing of both dancers as though they were both a part of me. I could feel the earth beneath my feet from every dance step taken. Then I was suddenly back in my body again on my bed.

I told my partner about my experience. We both agreed that maybe this is why I am of mixed races in this lifetime. Being half Native Canadian from my mother and half African-descent from my father. No matter what, a truly enlightening and amazing experience. The entire time I felt as though I was shown this for a reason that I must understand and expand upon. Salvia—a force unto itself.