Prettypoet Cindy

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Before I discovered Salvia I would search my soul but it was like there were always roadblocks, and most of the time those roadblocks were insurmountable. Salvia has helped me tremendously to breach those blocks, to tear them down, to examine, understand, and discard if need be, and in some cases, accept what is there.

The observations of myself that I have been doing have been so eye opening and the revelations I have come to realize nothing short of miraculous. In some respects, I have lived my life in a bubble. Habits and behaviors learned long, long ago when I was a child and carried with me into my adulthood, THOSE are the ones that were hard letting go of. Habits that became so familiar, so comfortable. Habits that deep down I knew were harmful to me spiritually and mentally, but I had no way of knowing how to change them or correct them or even put them in a proper place.

Salvia, for me, has opened up so many doors--doors of awareness inside my conscious mind and my unconscious mind. And when you are "enlightened," the only possible road to travel is one of truth and freedom.

I've always been fascinated by my own behavior. Because I know that many of my behaviors were adapted and learned in early childhood. And it's always fascinated me also, how my behavior affects those I come into contact with and how other people's behavior affects me. Speaking of positive and negative energy, we all of course have the power to influence those around us, either in a positive way or a negative way. Salvia to me is the Mother of all positive thinking. She can take the most negative thought and shine her light on it and make me see it in a positive light.

Anyway, I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but I started questioning my habits (most especially the ones most harmful to myself), and when I take Salvia it helps me to think more clearly and to see what many of the problems are that lie within myself. It's very healing and very liberating.

The idea, or even the very concept, of expecting others to bring me happiness is one of the very first lessons Lady Salvia showed me--a simple truth that has evaded me somehow much of my life. I have this habit (and I say "have" because I'm still learning how to let go of it) of allowing myself to rely on others for my happiness. And of course, doing that has caused a lot of pain, disappointment, and resentment, because nobody else has that power to give another person. If you think that way (like I've been conditioned to think) you will be disappointed time and time again. The people who know me best say I'm going through my "selfish" stage in life. But I say I'm going through my "happiness" stage. Because now, instead of looking to someone else for my happiness, I'm finding it right inside myself. I'm not saying that other people in my life don't make me happy, what I mean is, I don't "rely" on them to make me happy. I'm the one that has the power and control over my happiness--no one else.

Funny, how much negativity can wear a person down, eat away at them little by little their whole lives, and some people don't even realize it. And some people, like me, wake up and see what's happened and go about changing it. Salvia has helped me spiritually and mentally. I don't hesitate in saying that it has been life changing for me.