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I found myself being dragged by both hands and feet through a jungle. My eyes couldn't see the jungle around me, but my skin could feel the leaves passing over me, and the smell was of plant life and rain. I believe this smell was the first link in this journey to pull me into the experience. I heard a woman chanting/singing next to me. When I "opened" my eyes I saw a black woman to my right and a black man above me. The woman was performing a ritual of some sort while making a mixture inside of a large black pot. Around the pot's edge was looped a pale white snake or lizard that was biting it's tail. The black man was looking down at me. He dragged my body across a small pit of coals. I felt as though my burning body was part of this spell they were crafting. On my back I could feel the skin bubbling, but it was not painful or scary. Looking down, I saw my stomach pierced with jets of flame. On impulse I decided I didn't want my body on fire, and instead grew long green blades of grass from the fire, and through my body. The black man standing above me, smiled. It seems he was amused with my "trick."