The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center
is created and maintained by
Daniel Siebert

The Salvia divinorum Observer provides notification by email of Salvia divinorum-related news and events. It is sent out infrequently, on an occasional basis.

The newsletter provides notification of:

  • New scientific findings.
  • Pending legislation and changes in legal status.
  • Recent media coverage.
  • Conferences, lectures, seminars, and other timely events.
  • New additions and updates made to the Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center web site.
The newsletter is a free service. It is mostly non-commercial. However, I may occasionally notify subscribers regarding the availability of new books, seeds, cuttings, and similar items. It is run through the Yahoo Groups mailing list server, which unfortunately does insert advertisements at the bottom of the newsletter (I encourage people to ignore these).

The Salvia divinorum Observer is not a discussion forum. It is strictly an information service. It was created primarily to allow people to stay abreast of Salvia divinorum-related news and events. If you know about a salvia-related news item or event that you think should be shared with the community, you should email the information to me at for possible inclusion in the newsletter. The names and email address of subscribers are kept confidential.

To subscribe, go to: