Salvia divinorum Leaves ('Luna' Clone).

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Daniel Siebert

This is an unusual strain of Salvia divinorum. I have named it 'Luna.' I discovered it in 1994. It was growing in a patch of otherwise-normal plants of the 'Bunnell' strain at the Botanical Dimensions botanical garden in Hawaii. It is either a sport of the 'Bunnell' strain that sprung up from the root-crown of one of the surrounding plants, or it may have originated from a seed that fell from one of the surrounding plants. Considering that it is extremely rare for Salvia divinorum plants to produce viable seeds, it is most likely that this is actually a sport, quite likely a polyploid. This clone is distinct from all other strains that I know of. The leaf margin is unusually deeply serrated and the leaf is remarkably round, rather than the typical ovate shape.