An anagram is a word, or phrase, constructed by rearranging all the letters in another word or phrase. There are websites that will transform any word or phrase into anagrams. Wasting time, I went to one such site and put in the phrase "Salvia divinorum," and was surprised when I got what seemed to be thousands of anagrams.

Some of the more interesting ones sound to me like demented fortune cookies, others like Zen poetry that one almost (but never quite) "gets." Yet others make perfect sense in an oracular way. You be the judge which.

I've strung some of them together into a "nonsense" poem. Each line of the poem is an anagram on the words "Salvia divinorum." Imagine it as the voice of Salvia talking to the psychonaut in the Dreamtime language of trips (Salvia, the tripper, and the trip, the physical and the spiritual becoming indistinguishable, as happens in Dreamtime).

As I said, it's a "nonsense" poem, or perhaps a "non-sense" poem, so don't try to read it like a text, for it's not about consensus reality. Still it says some things about Salvia. Just let it wash over you. Perhaps while besaged.

Salvia divinorum Anagram Poem

Vivid Mana roil us,
Livid savior man?
Avoid rival. I'm Sun!

Amoral vivid in us?
A moral vivid in us,
Survival an idiom.

Vivid airman soul,
Mad via lion virus,
Land via ovum iris.

Visual or via mind?
In so vivid a mural,
I'm no survival aid.

—Sage Student