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Before I started using salvia I was having problems with my marriage. I went to counseling for over seven years trying to sort whether to get a divorce or not. I cheated on many occasions during those seven years and did not treat my wife with the respect she deserved. I wasn't abusive, but I wasn't in touch with her feelings, nor mine. I spent countless nights feeling guilty and depressed.

I had read about a plant that allowed you to go inside yourself and have lucid dreams while awake. I didn't realize that the plant could be used for depression and psychological healing. I had been taking antidepressants for about a year and tranquilizers since college, for panic attacks.

After using salvia for about a month, on average once or twice a week, I noticed a change in my thinking for the positive. I slowly came to the realization that I needed to be a more understanding person, and a more forgiving person. I have stopped cheating, started again to work on my marriage, have been more patient with my semi-autistic son, and have been happier in general.

To take such a help away from the public would be a great disservice to all of us. I don't do illegal drugs and don't drink. I am your average fourty-year-old upper-middle-class male. This plant to me is NOT a drug--it is a sacrament.