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The Setting: A deserted beach in southern Mississippi on a bright, windy day.  I was with my friend (lets call him M).  He would be my sitter.

The Experience: I felt like I was in a scene from my childhood, almost as if I had smoked salvia as a child and was feeling something in the present. I felt (note, I didn't see any of this, it was purely a feeling) like I was eight years old, in a park around my house in a swing during the middle of a summer day.  After I got this feeling, the feeling of the park transformed into where I was: the beach at present age.  I then began to see (through closed eyelids) what looked like a ranch in Mexico.  I then "felt" that I was in the desert southwest, looking into this ranch.  Through closed eyelids, I saw the beach I was on, but then a few yards away, the beach sand ended and the ranch/desert began.  In the ranch, I thought I saw a beautiful Mexican lady. I then felt I was on an Indian reservation, with some Indians.  I felt the feeling of the peyoteros. I then felt the ranch/desert/reservation drift away, not in a normal fashion, but around my body in a 360 degree turn around my body.  I felt a closeness with the aura of it all. I then felt "normal" again and lied there still for a few moments, with my eyes closed.  M had wondered off and I heard him in the distance. I then heard footsteps come behind the umbrellas, and then around them.  I felt the presence of some old, yet beautiful man (could have been a woman) sprinkle some dust on me.  I didn't feel the dust, but I felt something mentally.  I then opened my eyes. I felt exactly like what happened to Jodie Foster in the movie Contact, as she crashed onto the beach after being transported in that machine.  Also, the scene afterward where she comes back to earth, yet still feeling she was on that beach.

I sat up and walked off to the edge of the beach.  I was left with a sort of knowingness.  I realized many things at this point.  I would call this the best part of the experience.  Salvia is definitely a "teacher" plant.  I now look upon her very seriously and with the utmost respect.