Journey #1: The Light-People and the Mother Goddess

(500 mg plain Oaxacan leaves)

Loopy Snake

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It is reproduced here with the author's permission.

By the second hit my mind is sucked
Inward, curling, folding
Water pipe
Put it down! Put it down!
Lights. Turn off. Switch. Where? Yes, flick.
Electricity on my skin
I roll back onto the mattress.

The forest is dark.
A star, a mandala
Hovering above me, radiating, purple.
I can hold my breath forever

From behind my head
Emerges a procession of beings made of light
The light-people
They walk in a row, beside me, looking down at me
as I lay on my back. Evaluating me.
Remember to breathe!
"Are they walking above me?" I hear myself whisper

The procession walks on by me
The light-people disappear
Into the forest, into the dark
"May I come in?" I whisper.
They leave me, alone, in the darkness
I want in. I want deeper. I want more.

I feel her hands as she picks me up
Holding me in her arms
Rocking me gently from side to side
I feel her, I know her
The giant mother, the queen, the goddess
I'm an infant, a new-born, a child of the sage
And she holds me in her arms
Comforting me, keeping me safe
When I'm ready she will show me, teach me
But not tonight

Gently she puts me down
And when I open my eyes
I know that what happened
Is true

¬óLoopy Snake