Sage Student

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Last night I diluted 4 large dropper's of Emerald Essence with hot water, using more water than Daniel's instructions recommend (about twice as much). I find that using more water eliminates the irritation without noticeably weakening the effect.

After putting the diluted essence into my mouth, I turned off the lights and got into bed (the safest place to park my body when I will be traveling without it). The effects came on quickly. I passed through level three without seeing very many closed eye visuals but then abruptly found myself in some town in Mexico staring at 'two brothers' (I was sure they were brothers although not twins). They both were wearing sombreros.

The next thing I knew was that I had a 'karmic link' to both brothers at once. But then, when I rationally questioned that I could be somehow linked to two Mexican brothers whom I did not know, to my utter astonishment (Salvia definitely has a weird sense of humor) I became their sombreros!

Around this time in consensus reality I swallowed the Essence I had been holding in my mouth.

Then Mexico vanished and I was alone in space. My consciousness diffused through all space and time and I 'became the universe'. The thought came - it seemed like a message - 'that I always had been the entire universe', just as everyone else always was the entire universe. Individuality was revealed as just a limitation of viewpoint, albeit one necessary for biological survival. I saw that every individual 'really' extends throughout all space-time, and that what was 'me' depended on where 'I' chose to draw the boundaries - at my skin, at the limit of my memories, at the boundaries of my social web, at the history of my culture, at all humanity, at the whole history of planet Earth or wherever I chose.

The message came - as a thought or feeling not as a voice - that what I really was ultimately, what any individual was, was the freedom to choose the boundaries - or not to. That I WAS FREEDOM, the freedom to define myself.

At this point I realized the trip was starting to wane. I was startled to hear 'cosmic' laughter and repeated exclamations of Holy Shit! It was my voice. The sounds were coming from my mouth. I realized I had a mouth, that I had a body. And then, abruptly, I was back in consensus reality.

This morning I went about my life, but would from time to time, find myself looking at the world a bit quizzically and thinking 'Holy Shit!', as I smiled bemusedly at the strangeness of it all.