Prettypoet Cindy

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It took maybe a few seconds, and then it hit me. I kept my eyes open and I felt this "lifting" feeling, like I was being lifted but I wasn't moving. I gazed around the room and everything started turning counter-clockwise, like an invisible hand was turning everything in the room for my amusement. I said, "Oh my god," and closed my eyes, and that's when I felt this overwhelming happy feeling--impossible to describe really. I felt several hands on both sides of me lift me up, and I was running up a hill, I was being whisked away. I started laughing, and my laugh was infectious and loud in my ears. A continuous happy sound that made me feel so alive, so free. I sat up in my chair, and it felt as if the wind was blowing through my hair as these invisible people laughed with me as we ran. But my feet felt they never touched the ground, I seemed to be floating fast. Each step I ran, the music I heard kept perfect synchronized steps. I was climbing a gently inclined hill, and at the top I stopped laughing for a second, and the hands let go of me, and I started running down the other side with arms outward like a kid pretending she's an airplane, laughing the whole way down. I zigzagged this way and that way, I was so happy, as tiny beams of light followed beside me, sometimes crossing in front of me, and I would laugh harder as I passed through them. I remember trying to stop laughing, but when I tried to stop, the infectious giddiness would not allow me to stop, so I went with the feeling and just laughed and laughed. I felt pure happiness. Pure peace. The words are difficult to find to describe it. I felt the effects start to fade away somewhat, when I could control my laughing, and I opened my eyes and realized I was sitting forward in my chair, and so I sat back and closed my eyes again, softly giggling at the feelings I was feeling. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes, and so I reached up and rubbed my eyes. When I did that, a kaleidoscope of multi colors danced behind my eyelids, and I kept "ahhhh"ing, and saying, "Wow!" LOL!

To call what this experience is using the term "high" doesn't even come close to what I felt. It was more like my innocent inner child was set free, and I've never in my life felt such an overwhelming happy feeling, ever in my adulthood--until now. The feeling was intense and mind-blowing. Not once was I afraid or paranoid. I had so hoped my first experience would be a good one and I have to say, it was extraordinary!