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I smoked the leaf, turned the lights out, and laid down saying "salvia salvia salvia salvia salvia" all the time; I wanted to bring my consciousness with me, into the unconscious (what a joke!) (or maybe not, after all). Suddenly, my consciousness was recrystallized as a deserted neighborhood of Paris. I was this neighborhood, and neighborhoods of other European cities as well!

As soon as I realized this, I/the neighborhood rolled neatly up, like a carpet. Forwarded on a kind of moving belt, I was saying to myself: "Nice! I smoked some salvia, and I am still conscious!" Then, I was feeling covered by roots, and I started travelling upwards in a kind of elevator. I was feeling surrounded by lots of . . . very young beings? They were trying to communicate with me, but I was just moving too fast.

Then I noticed that the music was speaking to me. But I was not listening . . . it was so beautiful around! I found myself walking along a little creek, in a sun-pierced dark and warm forest. The atmosphere was quiet. The only sounds came from the creek. My attention was following it like the needle on a record: Over the tiny rolling stones., through quietly gurgling channels, flickering sun reflections. When it dawned on me that these were all visual translations of the music! I was walking by a creek made of music, with rays of sun touching the ground here and there. A subtle and endearing moment.

Slowly, awareness of my body came back. I emerged and I laughed. Elapsed time: four minutes. I felt a bit drained after the experience. But it was wonderful.

Thank you salvia!