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First toke, I held it in five seconds. Then another toke, bigger, which I held in for ten seconds. And then I took a third toke. As I was quietly sitting on the beach, rolling a joint, I suddenly realized that there were two people over there, asking me why I came, and making comments about what I was doing.

A *beach*? A *joint*? Two *people*? Mini-fear/I don't understand what's going on/Then "Hey! these are two *spirits*! And they are talking to me! and I hear them! How is this possible?! I must have taken acid, I must be tripping. Okay let's stay calm... and look at something reassuring - my LPs, for example."

As my eyes set upon the first LP in front, whoops! The picture becomes tridimensional! I laugh, and remember: Salvia! Quick, lights-out-lay-down!

I am lying down, and my eyes are closed. But what happened to me? Did I have an accident? I feel like having undergone anesthesia. Where am I, already? At a party? I'm hearing some music; it must be a party. Who am I, by the way? ...A child, who has been put to bed because it is bedtime? Or... maybe I was at the party, and I was so high or drunk that I had to lay down for a while? I don't know anymore. Hey! But... what should I be doing now? And... where am I, already?...

(Simultaneously, I was experiencing this:) I recognize this state! High dose of psychedelics! Pot (the first three months)! Surgical anesthesia! Strong fevers! I have already felt *like this*!

( And at the same time:) I am lying in my bed, in the hall outside the party. My bed sometimes has bars! -No, wait: I am the wall in front of the bed... And I am three people looking at this wall, and touching it. The wallpaper is full of morphing stars. I am the people watching. The wall. The stars. I laugh heartily. That's Salvia! Wonderful and unbelievable... And I pop out.

I felt like on a high acid dose (very far from normal consciousness), but I also felt physically normal and relaxed--the opposite of a high acid dose! Surprising were the sweetness and the "homely color" of the experience. Such power in such lightness. Very different from the indoles (lsa, psilo, lsd) and their usually heavy signature. It's like this: Imperceptibly and fast, I disappear as "me-1" while appearing as "me-2". There is no change, no rush, nothing. Another image could be this: Imagine you are somewhere with friends, watching tv, but without big interest; and once, while you blink your eyes, somebody changes channels. "But... is *this* what we were watching? Were we not watching *something else*?"

Afternote: I just noticed that where I saw a beach, there is in reality ...Oops! - There is in *our* reality a piece of my carpet (which is sand-colored), with a fringe (of water-foam color), and lying on top of another carpet (which is ocean-blue). Actually, it looks like a beach seen from a plane.

Is Salvia *forcing* us to interpret differently our perceptions?