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I happen to live in a house perched on a hillside above a small river (it's more like a creek, but it's called a river); Salvia transported me to other rivers elsewhere, elsewhen.

I found myself in a nameless (presumably imaginary) town on the Mississippi in mid 19th Century America. What is strange was that, once before under Salvia's influence, I had been there. Neither time did I know why. This time I was someone living in this river front town. I have trouble recalling many details, I don't know name of the man that I was, but he certainly was not myself. I don't know the details of his life but it seems I 'was' in that town, not as myself but as this man who was about 20 years younger than I am. He appeared to have some sort of a 'real' life in the town whose name I do not know. I cannot date the era accurately but is seemed to be post civil war but before 1890. Judging by the weather it may have been late June. There was a railroad, and steamships. Horses were ridden and used to pull wagons and carriages, but neither automobiles nor aircraft were in evidence.

From there. I somehow found myself on the banks of another river, which appeared to be the Amazon, or perhaps the Orinoco. I was being taught something important (just what I cannot recall) about the ayahuasca vine, by an male native, who was a tribal Shaman. It could have been yesterday, or 5000 years ago. The location appeared timeless. The conversation did not occur in words, as we had no common language. I have visited this river before too, during another Salvia trip; but I did not encounter the Shaman then.

The river scenes disappeared, and I saw reality as a shimmering fabric. It was rippling like the surface of a body of water, but was positioned more or less vertically, rather than horizontally. Through it, I heard and vaguely saw some 'entities' they were not human. They were not frightening in any way. They showed me how I was wearing 'the fabric of reality', and they showed me that they wore it backwards. An analogy would be that it was like putting on a shirt 'inside-out'. They said that they were from the other side of reality, and that from their viewpoint we humans put 'the fabric of reality on wrong'. We each remained on opposite sides of this transparent shimmering membranous barrier. Each wrapped it around our bodies by stepping into the wall. But the wall, which was part of the transparent fabric, could be indented, but not traversed. We each remained topologically separated, on opposite sides of the membrane, staring in wonder at the other.

At this point I ceased to be an individual, and merged with a divine spirit that permeated, and was, the universe. This experience could be termed ecstacy --- in the original meaning of the word. This was the peak of the trip after which I started coming down. I knew a Salvia trip was waning, but felt confused about which river location, I 'was supposed to' return to. Suddenly I recalled my name, where I lived and the date, and knew where I belonged, and was instantly back there. From then on I enjoyed the residual effects of the waning trip as a spectator. Soon I was back to consensus reality.

WOW! Thank you Salvia :-)