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My head began to sink into the pillow, all the way in. It wasn’t like I was in danger though. I sank all the way through everything: my bed, my blankets. I had my eyes closed at this point. Then I emerged at the other end: it was endless space. In that space, which was black, there were platforms. I knew somehow that these platforms were different realities, different dimensions. I could have floated through any of these dimensions, except that my foot hadn’t come through—there was a weight on it, but the rest of my body was light. I looked around at the platform I was on, and it was one of my realities, whereas some of the other ones didn’t pertain to me. This platform only had green grass and a doghouse—very simple. The platform across from me was also mine, and it was different, but I didn’t see how, or I cannot recall. Then my cat came into this, and he was jumping between platforms, back and forth. I then saw another me, but in a different form, though I knew he was related to me somehow. He was talking to someone, and he said, “He tried to come through, but he’s stuck.” It was not said in a nice way, but not a mean way either. It was as though he’d seen many people get stuck coming through. I looked into the distance and saw many platforms, so many platforms, everywhere. Some were very plain but not plain at all, like they held secrets unimaginable, I felt.
        I had a very weird feeling about my platform, like it was the platform of time. It was like playing baseball, hitting the ball, and almost hitting a car—you’re so glad you didn’t hit the car. Well, on this platform you could go back to all those types of experiences, but instead of just missing the car, you would’ve hit it. And all the things that either came in to place so beautifully in your life or didn’t fall into place at all, well they did just the opposite here, or didn’t at all. I looked down at my platform; there was a hollow house over it that I didn’t see in the beginning, with a family there and everything. This is where the boy lived who was me but not me, the one who was talking. At this point my cat got up and walked across my body. The picture faded away quickly, but it took a few seconds to remember that I had smoked salvia. I opened my eyes and I was under all my blankets, on my bed, with a pillow under my head. I was sweating profusely. I took some blankets off and I stopped sweating very soon, then I lied back down, pet my cat, and thought about the wonderfully different experience this plant spirit gave me. This plant needs a lot of respect and deserves it.