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I found myself on a beach while under the influence of smoked Salvia divinorum leaf. I managed to forget that I had smoked salvia and I "woke up" on this beach. It was so bright that I looked at the sand and each grain of sand turned into a star and I was bathed in peircing light. The light was so bright that I became disoriented and I thought I was walking on a sidewalk against the side of a building and the sun was reflecting off the cement, which I assumed was creating the bright lighting. Then the sidewalk and the wall began to "squeeze" me and I became sandwiched between the two planes and felt like I was being crushed. I immediatley became somnambulent and took a little walk around my living room, which to me appeared to be a series of interconnecting labyrinths. As I sat back down on the couch, I could see the room with my eyes open and I finally remembered that I had smoked salvia.