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Well, I had a very interesting experience with the quid method (10 pairs of leaves, medium sized). It was quite subtle (meaning that it was easy to lose focus on the experience and completely break out of it) but very beautiful. I divided the 10 pairs in 2 quid each chewed 15 minutes. At the end of the procedure I clearly felt the effects (they got stronger for quite a while afterwards) and laid down and started meditating to make me more receptive for the experience. I didn't meditate for long since I was soon transported to another place. I didn't recognize the surroundings but everything felt very real, it was evening, about an hour before darkness. I could feel the wind on my face and the grass below my feets. The landscape was a steep grass-desert and in great distance I could see a herd of animals. At this point I started thinking about where the place could have been and concluded it must be Mongolia/Tibet or some adjacent region. I started running towards the herd (there was also a person and the presence of people could be felt). I don't remember how I got to the "camp" but I found myself among those nomad people: there was a woman with a child who looked at me but completely ignored me. Somewhat later two knights (dressed in bright red, very much like the mother but more brilliant) came and also looked at and ignored me. This is pretty much everything, in anyway I felt quite fine among those people and there was no hostility at any point. The only remotely unplesant feeling was loneliness at the beginning of the experience when I found myself in this immense and (to me) alien landscape. During the whole experience (but especially towards the end) there was a strong feeling of positive "plant energy" with a clearly feminine character (which is probably what is being described as the Salvia goddess), very positive and very healing.