(first impressions of Lady Salvia)

by Brandon

This piece is protected by copyright.
It is reproduced here with the author's permission.

This past weekend I did finally venture into Salvia Space for the first time. I took four droppers of Emerald Essence diluted with two-and-a-half droppers of water. I followed the instructions to the letter, and what followed was a true experience. It was undoubtedly a level-4 journey with some level-5 characteristics. I wrote this piece, though it is not much. It sort of chronologically describes the hour-long experience. I didn’t think a descriptive diatribe fit. The individual words/descriptions were taken down all through the following day in reflection.

Too many meanings for one word:

Wow – how?!
Suddenlous – feminine, facial silhouette by the nightlight
Loving – embraces, for I have taken the step
Sincere – what else to expect from the innate archaic?
Sentient – massaged by the music, as well as I
Transdimensional – not saying too much or too little
Gentle – so, in fact, ties you to the bed
Malleating – somewhere, further in – animagaiic
Transplant – the onion synonym – centers and layers
Bizarre – peeling projections that are literalized realities
Wordless – entrenched in such a matrix of Babel
Profound – third eye, face down, and fontanelle
Challenging – the content of forgotten origins
Communicative – I have a question and am encouraged
Affirmative – we are not low-tech prosthetics
Beauty – its design elements I’ve long ignored
Transient – lingering to fading – memorous rejuvenating
Humble – so, in fact, an encounter of anxious symbiosis
Humbling – what can one say?
Formative – this, hindsightery of peripheral purgery