The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center


The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center
is created and maintained by
Daniel Siebert

If you would like to contribute to Daniel Siebert's ongoing salvia-related research, you can make a donation by credit card here. If you would like to speak to me about making a donation for an amount not shown below, please contact me at Your donations make it possible to move ahead with much needed research. Contributions of any size are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please note that The Salvia divinorum Resrearch and Information Center is not a tax-exempt organization, therefore donations are not tax deductable. You may also send donations by mail. My mailing address is P.O. Box 90748, Santa Barbara, CA 93190.  

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Current research projects include:

Ethnobotanical research: Expeditions to the Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca Mexico to study the role of Salvia divinorum in Mazatec culture, its traditional uses, and the beliefs, rituals, and mythology associated with it.

Pharmacology and consciousness studies: Identifying and characterizing the range of effects produced by Salvia divinorum, through experiments, interviews, and the analysis of thousands of experiential reports. Exploring the tremendous potential of this herb as tool for understanding the nature of human consciousness.

Chemistry: Identifing novel diterpenoids in Salvia divinorum. Locating sites of salvinorin production in the plant. Studying the metabolism of salvinorins in the human body. Developing semisynthetic salvinorin derivatives (colaboration).

Collaboration and correspondence: Sharing resources and knowledge. Bringing together the skills and expertise of scientists throughout the world to investigate such questions as: How does salvinorin A produce its effects? What is its receptor site affinity? Are there pharmacologically active isomers and analogs?

Publication and documentation of important findings: Scientific journals, books, film, photography, my web site, and magazines.

Community outreach: Lectures, workshops, interviews, documentaries, the Sagewise email discussion forum, and the Salvia divinorum Observer.

Botanical investigations and horticultural experimentation: Looking for answers to several important questions, including:

  • Is Salvia divinorum native to the Sierra Mazateca or was it introduced from another area?
  • Does it exist in truly wild habitats, or are all non-cultivated populations feral?
  • Since it spreads almost exclusively through asexual propagation, how limited is its genetic diversity?
  • Are there other powerfully psychoactive Salvia species?
  • Can Salvia divinorum be hybridized with other Salvia species?