by Laura McCarthy

This piece is protected by copyright.
It is reproduced here with the author's permission.



sometimes she is filled with light

            sun light                                                moon light

            radiant light

rainbow light

sunrise light

sunset light                   

the kingdom of the oracular


sometimes she is filled with dark

                                                forest dark

                                                                        jungle dark

                                                                                    a green so dark it is

almost black


   the forbidden that never is


always a path way ahead/behind





of the way we measure


like walking on your hands


she sings to you

& you know the voice you know

the song she sang to you before you were

the rush of hidden water

what weeds sing when the wind rides them



she touches you with soft fingers of fog

caresses the part of you that always asks

until there is nothing left

only iridescence held by surface tension


it is being inside her mind

it is being her mind


just now

just then

and just




—Laura McCarthy