by Sphere

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The following experience came from dosing with tincture using the staggered method of taking three 1 ml dropper loads of tincture at a time, holding it in my mouth and waiting 4 minutes before swallowing each time, three times in a row for a total of 9 dropper loads full in a period of 12 minutes.

I found myself in a trance-like dream, dreaming that I was someone else. I was a young kid who had fallen onto a dusty road and got some dirt in his eyes.

My father helped me up and wiped the earth out of my eyes. As he was doing so, this reality, this place, this Earth disappeared, wiped away by his handkerchief. I saw my earthly reality as a dark stained mark on that white cloth in his hand, and it all pulled away from me as he withdrew the cloth and crumpled it up, closing it in his fist. He said, "You know, you ought to be careful not to let that earth get in your eyes. If you do, you soon lose all contact with who you really are, getting all wrapped up in that strange place, believing that it is real." Then he said, "You can live a lifetime there and not know that it is just earth in your eyes."

The thought then occurred to me, how strange the experience was, that I actually had a whole life in that place, a place that had such things as cats and dogs. I thought that it was all very weird; nothing like that really existed. I was glad that I had returned to reality, as a kid in my father's arms. The Earth was just a dream.

Then I was back, more earth in my eyes. Cats and dogs are real again!

When I experienced this it was as if I were both watching from the outside while at the same time experiencing it from the perspective of the child.

When I was a very young boy I used to view cats and dogs as opposites and because of this I believe their role in this vision represented the concept of good and evil, light and darkness, the outward flow and inward pull.