by Jason

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I inhaled one breath full and held it in for about 20 seconds. I was lying on my bed on my side, and as soon as I exhaled, I felt pressure all around, as if I was under a hundred of feet of water. Then, suddenly, I popped into ground-zero reality, the right side of my body opened up and I connected down through the bed, through the floor and foundation of the house into some immense planetary network, teaming with a multitude of various types consciousness and intelligence. There was a definite sense of other beings around me. I noticed that I was a gravity well, sucking all sound and light around me into a vortex that had formed in the cusp of my curled body. I was channeling everything back into the nebulae that I had contacted, I was a receptor and realized that we all are. We as humans are mere sense organs for the planet. My consciousness then flattened and spread, like dough under a rolling pin. It then began to separate into 5 distinct autonomous portions, each one a completely separate and full version of myself. I experienced them all simultaneously. At this point I kind of freaked, not expecting such a drastic shift in perception. I thought, "this is way too much! I wasn't expecting to dissolve and break apart like this!". I opened my eyes and sat up. Optic ballets of light and various shapes danced everywhere around my room, it was alive. I noticed that all matter is conscious. I could hear my heart beating. I got up and almost fell over, which surprised me, I didn't realize it would have a physical affect as well. It seemed that I weighed 500lbs and my arms were 12 feet long. I made it to the kitchen and got a drink of water, then went and laid back down and entered a trance for what seemed like 20 minutes. My consciousness and physical body began twisting and stretching like some bizarre silly putty being pulled though a cosmic taffy machine. I had visions of lives playing out, representing the whole of human experience, love, war, riot and everything in between. I could clearly see my entire biological history, the chain of life. I had somehow accessed my genetic and cellular memory. All of my ancestors were present, then I realized that they always are, I just can't always perceive them. I saw how potentiality becomes reality by force of will, that thought IS matter. And I am dead serious when I say this, the actual physical world around us, meaning even the floor you are standing on, or the toilet you are pissing into, is created by a consensus of thought emanating from our multi-dimensional selves, vibrating at varying speeds, creating first the sub-atomic particles, which then combine and grow, and combine and grow, and on and on until we have atoms, molecules, proteins, single-celled organisms, complex organisms, and finally the human and it's large brain, which can re-access the cellular, molecular and sub-atomic memories, commune with the just-out-of-perception logos and realize it's place in the continuum of existence that we ourselves created in the first place. When I "woke up" from this lucid dream-like state, I saw that about an hour had passed. The time compression was pronounced, and was very strange, it really only seemed that twenty minutes at most had passed.I was surprised that I felt nearly 100% normal. It was an amazing and beautiful experience, despite the shock of it all.