Salvia Divinorum Inspired Arts

(This site is created and maintained by Daniel Siebert)

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Visual Arts

Salvia Dalinorum. Visionary art by Luke Brown. This piece was painted in Salvador Dali's garden.

Galleria Divinorum. A collection of extraordinary painting by Mark Maxwell

Oh, I am Thee, Backing Away from the Mask and Particulate Man. Watercolor paintings. Beautifully rendered by iamb01.

Door to Salviaspace. A beautiful portrayal of a Salvia vision. by Kundasally.

Endoreal Visions and Untitled. Salvia-inspired drawings and paintings by Cristovao Neto.

Color Spectrum and Pages of Time. Salvia-inspired drawings by Ron Dupuis.

Benediction and Holy Encounters. Salvia-directed images in chalk and oil by Leeda.

Salvia Entity. Mixed Media by Lyosha Kuznetsov.

Salviascape. An image reminiscent of salvia-accessed dimension. By Steven Rooke.

Salvia and Her Sisters. A painting by an unknown artist.

The Separation of Consciousness from the Body's Shell in Form of a Rowboat Exiting the Face Backwards. by Jerome Veith.

Gingerbread Men A salvia experience depicted by Running Eagle.

Feeling Arizona An crayon drawing of a salvia vision by Loverofreality.

Magmamouth, The Messenger and Rik on Salvia. Extraordinary Salvia divinorum inspired artwork by Gwyllm.

Oompa Loompa Land by Adrian.

Salvia drew it using my hands by Sporleder.

Under the Bed and Mouthwash Salvia-inspired artwork by Llori.

Kaleidoscopic image of Salvia divinorum by Champa.

Salvinorimagination. A digital collage by Vando.

Salvia Ghost and Salvia #2. Complex fractal images by Jon Stoppard. You can also hear Jon's music.

Salvia Surging by TB3.

Playing With Divinity: A Tribute to the Divine Sage. Salvia inspired artwork. By Rael Paul.

The Porthole. A salvia experience depicted. By Mike.

Salvia inspired tiles. By Belaqua.

Salvia divinorum inspired artwork silk-screened onto T-shirts. From RowanTree Arts.

Poetry and Other Word Art

The Salvia divinorum chapter of "Pharmako/poeia." By Dale Pendell. (Also available in an Italian translation).

Where she takes me. by Laura McCarthy.

The Divine Goddess. by Laura McCarthy.

Wanton Desire. A Sage Goddess inspired poem by Will Penna.

Salvia Odyssey. By Sage Student.

Salvia divinorum Anagram Poem. By Sage Student.

Journey #1: The Light-People and the Mother Goddess. By Loopy Snake.

"Salvia." Poem by Adam Webb.

The Other Voice. By Ramiro.

Green Gnosis. By Lizard.

Entity. By Brandon.

To Saint Agape Divinorum and After the Invitation. Two poems dedicated to Salvia divinorum. By Anonymous.

Oh Sally D. A satirical poem. By Bill Sean O-Hannity, aka Vip.

Audio Arts

Salvia divinorum. This track features the voice of the late/great Terence McKenna, speaking about Salvia divinorum.
It is from the studio-recorded album "1200 Micrograms" by the psychedelic trance act of the same name (MP3).
A much shorter, but live-performance, version is included on the album "Live in Brazil." It can be downloaded from the iTunes music store.

Flight 77. A salvia-inspired piece for acoustic guitar by Paul Dereas (WMA).

Salvia divinorum. A musical tribute to Salvia divinorum by the Swedish band Tricycles (MP3).

Salvia. A musical homage to Salvia divinorum by the Miami-based band Deepwater Sunshine (folk/acoustic).

Incorporating sounds and music into Salvia divinorum experiences. by Michael Evenmo.

Assorted Media

Salviaspace. A great collection of salvia-inspired visual art, poetry, music and animated short films by Bruce Rimell.